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Invasive Crayfish Collaboration

Photographer: MN Sea Grant
The Invasive Crayfish Collaborative (ICC) brings industry, science, and land management stakeholders together to improve the management of invasive crayfish in the Great Lakes Region. It is convened and facilitated by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and the Illinois Natural History Survey with funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

What’s New

Further insights into invasion: Field observations of behavioural interactions between an invasive and critically endangered freshwater crayfish using baited remote underwater video (BRUV)

O’Hea Miller, S. B., Davis, A. R., & Wong, M. Y. (2023). Further Insights into Invasion: Field Observations of Behavioural Interactions between an Invasive and Critically Endangered Freshwater Crayfish Using Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV). Biology, 12(1), 18. https://doi.org/10.3390/biology12010018


Signal crayfish as a threat for European ectosymbionts: overlooked biodiversity losses 

Let, M., Ložek, F., Kouba, A., Buřič, M., & Bláha, M. (2023). Signal crayfish as a threat for European ectosymbionts: overlooked biodiversity losses. Aquatic Sciences, 85(1), 30. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00027-022-00932-w


Multi-Year Invasive Species Case Concludes With Convictions

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced the conclusion of a multi-year law enforcement investigation related to the illegal distribution of more than 960 invasive crayfish by wholesale-level distributors.


Invasive Carp Barriers May Not Stop Invertebrates Moving Between Chicago Waterways

The largest electric barrier system in the world is in the Chicago River waterways - it’s there to prevent the spread of invasive carp from the Illinois River into the Great Lakes. But invertebrate invaders may not be impacted by barrier technology, according to a recent Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant study.



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